Tom Mboya Mausoleum

You don’t have to know anything about the man to be impressed. In any other surroundings, his memorial might seem relatively modest, but on Rusinga Island, it stands out like a beacon!

Tom Mboya Mausoleum

On July 5, 1969, the nation was thrown into mourning following the assassination of celebrated Cabinet Minister and youthful trade unionist Tom Mboya.

Mboya was shot while leaving a chemist along Government Road (Now Moi Avenue), with ultimate probe results pointing at one Nahashon Njenga as the killer.

In 1971, one of Mboya’s admirers, an American named William Scheinman partly facilitated the construction of his mausoleum in Rusinga Island, Homabay County.

The Tom Mboya Mausoleum is given a bullet shape to represent the bullet that killed him, and is painted silver and also lubricated to prevent rust.

Tacked next to the mausoleum is the grave of Mr William X Scheinman, who died aged 72 in 1999 of kidney failure. He attained his wish to rest wherever Mr Mboya was buried. 

The Tom Mboya Mausoleum contains various mementos and gifts that Mboya received in his lifetime and is a moving experience to any visitor.

Among the items in the mausoleum are:
  • The briefcase Mboya had when he was shot.
  • The black fly whisk the youngest minister in the first Cabinet of 27 after independence carried to political functions.
  • The national flag that draped the casket
  • A certificate that made Mboya an honorary citizen of the Kansas City in the US in 1966.
  • The condolence book signed on the day Mboya was buried in his father’s compound.
  • The black nameplate, a souvenir from the Chinese Government that stood on the minister’s desk.
  • Hoisted in the burial chamber are several flags of the countries he visited and whose leaders paid him a courtesy call.
  • Bible with holy water on top, which Mboya was given as a souvenir when on honeymoon in Israel in 1962.