Rusinga Island

Rusinga Island, with an elongated shape approximately 10 miles (16km) from end to end and 3 miles (5km) at its widest point, lies in the eastern part of Lake Victoria at the mouth of the Winam Gulf and is linked to Mbita Point on the mainland by a bridge.

Rusinga Island

The island is rich in fossils and the skull of ‘Proconsul Africanus’ was found here by anthropologist Mary Leakey. This anthropoid ape lived on the island three million years ago.

More than 100 species of bird have been recorded around the island, some of which are endangered. In the island are also the giant monitor lizards that are so huge in comparison to any other monitor lizards in the entire region.

rusinga island

Bridge connecting Rusinga Island to Mbita Town

The island complex has a large concentration of rock art sites confined to three areas within the Island and remains outstanding in terms of quality and diversity.