Mawanga Rock Art

This is a site with an art on a panel covering about eight square metres, consists of sets of concentric circles, mainly in alternating white and black with visible images superimposed upon each other.

Mawanga Rock Art is a natural formation in the base rock resembling fingerprints, situated below a low overhang near the rear of the cave, is locally known as the “Hand of God”.

The wall and roof at the back of the cave are also covered with spectacular natural cupules.

The Wasamo clan elders’ believe that the paintings were made by their distant ancestors to represent designs on their shields.

To scare their enemies, their ancestors, used the cave and shields for defense during fights when they vanquished other Abasuba clans: the Walundu, Waozi and Wasasi.

Because the paintings represent the shields and because of their use in victories, they still retain special rainmaking powers.

The paintings acquire additional power from the “Hand of God” which, to this day, has healing properties. When the sick place their hand in the natural formation they receive some healing benefit.