Luanda Magere Site and Grave

Luanda Magere was a Luo warrior, believed to be made of stone. Nobody could kill him. When war broke out between the Luo and Kipsigis tribes, Luanda killed many Kipsigis.

luanda magere

Luanda Magere Site and Grave is along the Nyando River.

The Kipsigis came up with a strategy to understand where his immense powers, secret to life and immortal nature comes from. They thus decided to give Luanda a woman from the Kipsigis tribe to marry.

The woman learned the secret of Luanda’s life when he fell sick and asked his wife to treat his shadow.

When fighting broke out again between the two warring tribes, the woman told her community the secret of his life. A warrior threw a spear into Luanda’s shadow, killing him.

Luanda turned into a stone, which still lies on the spot. It is believed by hunters around this place that if you sharpen a spear on the rock, you can make a kill easily.

This story is compared with the biblical story of Samson and Delilah.