Lake Simbi Nyaima – the legendary Village that Sank!

Simbi Nyaima in the local Luo language means the village that sank. In actual fact it is a crater lake in which the community attaches great importance because of the legendary story surrounding it. This volcanic Crater Lake in Kendu Bay, is believed to have been formed around 1680 as a result of an earthquake that was accompanied by volcanic eruption.

Simbi Nyaima

The legend goes

Simbi Nyaima is a rather miraculous lake found in Karachuonyo, Homa Bay county. The lake measuring about 1 kilometer in radius has no known inlet or outlet and has since turned into a bird attraction, and is home to a wide variety of birds.

Though geologists argue that it is a volcanic lake, residents and the entire Luo community have a completely different narrative and explanation, as to them, according to stories passed down from their parents and grandparents, it was actually a punishment.

According to them, it’s origin can be traced back to many years ago and according to Luo ancient stories, the entire place was a village before it sunk, hence the name ‘Simbi Nyaima‘, the village that sunk in dholuo.

It is claimed that an old miraculous woman, the very same one involved in the story of Nyamgondo Nyombare, sought refuge in the village and when she was turned back, she destroyed it with a terrible storm that saw the entire area submerged.

She had walked into a feast at the chief’s home but was denied food but one woman sympathized with her, nursed and gave her a warm bath.

The old woman advised her host to leave the village alongside all her children and belongings and the next day, the village was no more.

Villagers also believe that Simbi water is miraculous and is good for a wide range of ailments, including skin problems, with another myth indicating that its impossible to throw a stone into the lake.

The woman in question is also believed to have conducted other miracles around the lake region.