Kwitone Rock Art

The site is a concealed 40-metre long overhang just below a high shoulder on Itone Hill and in the custodianship of the Wagimbe clan of the Abasuba.

The rock art, almost entirely at one end of the shelter and painted over a ledge three metres above a cleared floor, consists of sets of alternating red and white concentric circles, some with “spokes” between the two outer circles and concentric ovals.

A depression on the ledge below the paintings can retain water (or hold a food offering), and two smooth areas beside it suggest extended human use. Because of the inclination of the ledge they were probably made neither because they were used as seats nor by passage.

The rock must have been touched many times either with the hand or with a cloth or hide.

Kwitone is associated with supernatural powers and miraculous events by the local residents. The site was used for rainmaking.