Kit Mikayi

This is a large tor/rock with three boulders on top, located off the Kisumu-Bondo road. Kit Mikayi means “Stones of the first wife” or “First Wife Rocks” in the local Luo language.

kit mikayi

Kit Mikayi is a tor/rock formation off Kisumu-Bondo road, which is popular as a pilgrimage site.

In Dholuo language, which is spoken in the area, Kit Mikayi means ‘‘stone of the first wife’’.

Members of the Legio Maria sect use it as their place of worship (pilgrimage), you will most of the time find the sect members holed up inside the caves/crevices praying with colored candles and religious paraphernalia.

One can also get a very rich historical story from some of the tour guides in the site explaining how the rock came into being.

Myth has it that there was an old man by the name Ngeso who adored and cherished the rocks.

Every day when he woke up, he would walk into the cave under the stone and rest the whole day. The wife was thus forced to bring him his meals there every day. The old man became passionately in love with this stone and every time residents asked her where her husband was, she would say he had gone to be with his first wife (Mikayi).

The stone was thus called the first wife’s stone (Kit Mikayi).

Others opine that due to its features, the structure represents the traditional Luo cultural polygamous family which had the first wife’s house (Mikayi) built further in between.

The house of the second wife was built on the right hand side (Nyachira) while the third wife’s house (Reru) was built on the left hand side of the homestead.

  • It is a great outdoors venue for hiking for you, friends or family.
  • Bring your climbing shoes since some of the rocks are pretty steep, and slippery, but the scenery is great for photography.
  • This is a sight that any nature lover should add to their places-to-visit bucket-list.