Kanjera Hot Springs (Bala Rawi) and Prehistoric Site

The site of Kanjera occurs on the Homa Peninsula of western Kenya. It’s located in the beautiful rural countryside, surrounded by eroded volcanic edifices, on the southern shore of the Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria.

kanjera hot springs

These are hot salty springs whose temperature is capable of boiling an egg in fifteen minutes. Evaporation taking place in the area leaves behind salt scums which are collected by local people for use as salt.

kanjera archeological site

Excavations still ongoing

This is the same area that Dr Louis Leakey recovered cranial and funeral fragments of the hominids in 1932. These were estimated to be 500 years old.

Excavations by a Smithsonian – National Museums of Kenya team began in 1987, and have continued under the leadership of Dr. Tom Plummer, who is now chairman of the Anthropology Department at Queens.