WEstern Kenya Launches Marketing Campaign

WE Western Kenya initiative was formed after the 4th Annual Hoteliers Conference that was held at Sunset Hotel on 13th and 14th November 2018, where Mr Mohammed Hersi, chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) challenged the participants to position the Western Kenya hospitality industry competitively locally and globally.

We Western Kenya is the industry-led corporation that works collaboratively with partners across the Western Kenya to coordinate tourism destination marketing of the region at the international, regional and local levels, and to support regions, and communities in developing or expanding tourism experiences through their businesses. Tourism is a key contributor to our economy, not only on a national level but also right here in the Western Tourist Circuit.

Our mission being:

To unlock the gem that is Western Kenya. We are strongly directed by our true calling that is engraved in our vision: To develop the untapped leisure market in this region which contributes to the socio-economic development of this region by creating tourism and travel trade employment opportunities.


Press brief attendees at the Western Kenya Media Brief

We Western Kenya Tourism, has launched a marketing campaign to encourage both domestic and international tourist to consider and choose the Western Tourist Circuit as their destination of experience plus value.

This campaign is focused on showcasing the variety of experiences in the six of the fourteen counties that form the Western Tourist Circuit. As a kick off to the campaign, we shall be hosting Nairobi based Travel Trade Partners, the media and high-profile bloggers from 2nd – 6th April 2019. The outcome of this FAM Trip will prove its value as many of these highly influential participants will showcase the remarkable experiences from the Western Tourist Circuit to their followers, creating a sense of urgency to visit.

Another key component and driving force behind this campaign is a new online tool incorporated into the initiative’s newly constructed website on www.westernkenya.org. This interactive search tool gives potential visitors a place where they can discover information about awe-inspiring activities, world class accommodation, diverse cultural connections and unusual flora and fauna that are only unique to the Western Tourist Circuit.

The second phase of the campaign will see over 4 Overseas Travel Agents visit the Western Tourist circuit in the end of September, 2019 for a similar FAM Trip that will enable them to visit Kakamega, Kisumu and Homa Bay counties respectively. To the tourism industry and all the stakeholders, this a major milestone as we even plan further to put append our signature on the Global Tourism Expos within and beyond our country.

We Western Kenya would like to affirm its dedication to the promotion and marketing of the Western Tourist Circuit by learning from experience that has proved to very successful in other parts of the country. This has been a positive experience to us and it has helped to identify, evolve and promote the Western Circuit Tourist tourism products as well as continue to build and maintain strong working relationships with all of our stakeholders at national, county, regional and local levels.

It’s worth to note that centralized tourism marketing entity has been recognized for the value that the tourism industry brings to the community, and to us as a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) with specialize in tourism development and marketing. The current model under the Truly Amazing brand provides the best overall support and recognition for our stakeholders as it is cost-effective as its positive impact will be felt in the next coming months.

By creating a robust and respected brand in the tourism sector in the Western Tourist Circuit we are confident that will continue to deliver vibrant tourism marketing, programs and projects on behalf of the stakeholders now and in the future.

As a destination marketing initiative that represents the Western Tourist Circuit, We Western Kenya recognize that a collaborative approach to marketing will result in more effective and efficient marketing campaigns. The more we have to offer collectively, the further people will come and the longer they will stay. From this concept grew the marketing initiative known as Truly Amazing! It is based on the simple idea that by working together, we can be stronger and achieve more.

It is with pleasure that we are inviting you to be one of the sponsors to our upcoming Western Kenya Familiarization Trip 2019 event. We Western Kenya will host 55 Travel Trade Partners and the media on familiarization trip of the Western Kenya Tourist Circuit and we would like you to be part of this historical event.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at the secretariat on how you can be part of this history in the making. Thank you so much and God bless you all!

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